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Credit Care: 100% online credit company

Credit Care: 100% online credit company

Since 2009, Credit Care was a 100% online credit company, sharing its capital at 34% with Nice bank, a distance selling company, and Finance instittution France, the credit branch of the Finance instittution Participation group, for 66%. Following the liquidation of Nice bank, Finance instittution Participation became the main shareholder of Credit Care.

Credit Care originally managed a wide range of financial products such as consumer loans with credit reserves, revolving loans, personal loans but also payment solutions and various banking services such as current accounts, savings accounts, online stock market and investments. The Finance instittution France group has now taken on the management of the 300,000 customers that Credit Care had.

Credit Care today

Credit Care through the Finance instittution site currently offers 4 credit solutions, a cash reserve up to $ 5,000, personal loans up to $ 21,500, a Real account with a Visa card and ” a renewable one-year renewable credit as well as a Véronèse account, reserve of money associated with a credit card allowing purchases from the brand’s partners.

Credit Care: a strong commitment to rational consumption

Credit Care has always stood out for its commitment to rational consumption and its desire for total transparency with its customers. Credit Care has also sought to support solidarity projects such as the operation “a notebook, a pencil” allowing access to education for children in developing countries, thus combining strong values ‚Äč‚Äčevery day since its creation. that are solidarity, community and transparency.

What are Credit Care’s credit offers?

What are Credit Care

Credit Care, through Tele credit, offers the possibility of taking out three main families of credits:

  • credit reserves;
  • revolving credits (or revolving);
  • personal loans.

Update on these forms of financing and the terms of Credit Care’s offers.

Consumer credits with credit reserves

Credit Care offers a type of credit that is still little known: the money reserve . Granted in advance, this envelope can be unlocked freely and at any time, in part or in whole, by the borrower. This loan makes it possible to be prepared in the event of a favorite or unexpected purchase. It is thus possible to request the establishment of a credit reserve from $ 500 up to a maximum amount of $ 5,000.

Revolving credits

Revolving credit or revolving credit: these two terms have the same meaning. These are reserves, the functioning of which is quite similar with the credit reserves described above.

However, being more flexible and quicker to set up, this financing also comes with a higher interest rate. However, it can be combined with a Visa credit card thanks to the Credit Care offer. Purchases can thus be directly financed on credit from the store cashier. The amount awarded here varies between $ 500 and $ 5,000.

Good to know: the credit cards not only allow you to directly use your revolving credit, it is also possible to take advantage of discounts with partner stores of the brand. This is particularly the case.

Personal loans

Personal loans include a wide range of credits. Also called consumer loans, their role can be to finance a project (travel, marriage, study of children, etc.) or material goods (new vehicle, purchase of a motorcycle, work in a home, etc.).

The limits in terms of the amount of a personal loan depend on it. For a project loan, it is possible to obtain Credit Care up to $ 15,000. This amount can be increased to $ 21,500 as part of a work loan, a car loan or a motorcycle loan.

Credit Care personal loans are repayable credits. They are thus reimbursed progressively, over a fixed period, over the months. When the entire amount borrowed is repaid, the credit expires: it is then completely finished.

Compared to other Credit Care offers, personal loans benefit from better interest rates . It is also possible to negotiate the first offer made by Credit Care advisers: don’t forget!

How to make a credit simulation with Credit Care?

How to make a credit simulation with Credit Care?

Since the Credit Care acquisition by Tele credit, it is no longer possible to carry out a credit simulation on Credit Care’s own site. It is now necessary to turn to Tele credit simulators, offered directly online. The centralization of this service allows Credit Care customers to perform numerous simulations for their revolving credit, personal loan or money reserve. The use of these dedicated simulators requires little information. Only the amount of the credit, its duration or the desired monthly payments are necessary.

How to contact Credit Care customer service?

How to contact Credit Care customer service?

In the same way as the Credit Care credit simulators, the company’s customer service is grouped with the Tele credit teams. It is therefore possible to connect to the Tele credit customer area for all Credit Care customers. This operation makes it possible to follow its loans in progress and its possible requests for credits.

Credit Care: consumer reviews

Credit Credit Care: consumer reviews

Coming from a culture of solidarity and responsibility, Credit Care sets itself apart from its competitors by a policy of transparency. Its simple and effective offer covers a wide range of needs encountered by households in terms of loans. Individuals appreciate the responsiveness and professionalism provided by the support of Tele credit, an organization recognized in the online credit market. The support of such a company has brought powerful tools to serve the brand’s customers and future customers, while strengthening its credibility.

How to prepay a Credit Care loan?

Like all credit organizations, Credit Care provides for the possibility of repaying a loan in advance. Beyond a simple legal obligation, Credit Care wants to be a flexible solution. For this, no prepayment penalty is charged. Additional advantage: twice a year, it is possible to suspend the repayment of the credit, and this, free of charge. This great flexibility is particularly appreciated by Credit Care customers.

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